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Adams Financial



Sometimes it's hard to keep up with Fund Manager Antonio Santillan. He's constantly on-the-go, speaking
to national and local groups and talking one-on-one with people about the theme of financial “REinvention
in today's distressed real estate market.”

When he's not speaking about reinvention, you'll find him in the field, sleeves rolled up, walking properties,
making offers on homes and supervising their rehab and rental management.

If you would like Antonio to speak to your group, sit down for an interview or participate in your webinar or
radio show, please contact him at 323-353-7222.

It's a world of opportunity!


  • PENSCO Trust Company webinar, July 2010 Click here to download
  • Dr. Andrew Thorn Radio Show, October 2010 Click here to listen
  • American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL), October 2010, 2009
  • California Rotary Presentations, 2010
  • Palm Springs Business Network, November 2010
  • LOS ANGELES BUSINESS JOURNAL, week of January 16, 2011:
    "I believe this is the best time in the last 20 years to invest in real estate. I am a fund manager for a mortgage pool... We're buying houses for less than 50 percent of what it cost to build and we're renting them out..." — Antonio Santillan, Managing Member, Adams Financial Investment Fund LLC